Giới Thiệu

The streets are busy at highsun, the drone of peddlers, merchants and customers haggling over prices. A small whirlwind of dust raises before you, a gust of wind blowing in off the Lake of the Dead. A small group of travelers walks to a tall oaken building, easily three stories into the sky. A wooden sign with a crescent moon and eye burned into it slowly swings back and forth above the entrance. Lone sconces sit on either side of the door, their light at night enough to illuminate the entryway. 

A trio of oaken steps lead down to the doors, each opening outward towards the streets with a tug of the brass handles. The mixtured scents of alcohol, tobacco and assorted cooked foods floods out the open doorway, but the mixture is inviting, as are the sounds of conversations and fellowship within. Add to it the minstrel’s violin being played on the stage and perhaps this would be a good place to stop for a while. 

Tables are scattered around the common room, a mixture of square and round, large and small, able to accomodate almost any sized party. Booths rest along the walls all around the common room and to the left, a trio of couches are centered around the hearth. The stage sits directly ahead, and along the right wall sits a long bar lined with stools. A gray-haired man wearing an apron stands on its other side, serving out drinks to those that desire them. He offers a friendly wave as you enter and before long, his name would be called out. Milt. Stairs in the far left corner lead to the second level, private booths visibly lining the balcony, giving an unadulterated view of the stage below. 

Six-candled chandeliers hang from the rafters, adding their soft glow over the room though the candles never burn down. Two hallways are visible as well, one in the far right, waitresses actively walking to and from it with food and dishes. To the center, another hallway, more of an entryway, leads to the first level rooms, as well as the meeting room and offices. 

Three total levels can be accessed readily by patrons, the first level being most common. The second level, or balcony level, houses the private booths as well as a couple tables, offering a quieter place to sit and talk or enjoy the entertainment. Better-conditioned rooms are on this level as well, found through the entryway just past the stairs. The top level consists entirely of rooms, more for the upper class that frequent the place. Four smaller staircases grant access to the top floor. 

The Night Watch Inn and Tavern is located in the city of Chyrne on the eastern coast of the Lake of the Dead. A roguish port city, Chyrne is the hub of underground activity and its inner port location makes it a smuggler’s haven. It also is a favorite for pirates to port, given the rather lawless society. There are constables, available to the highest bidder. The law is the guild. They hold all the cards in the city and oddly enough, they keep the city in check. Chyrne belongs to the Night Watchers, though constantly there are those who seek the control. 

Originally founded in 1025, the Night Watch Inn has grown in respectability, giving the nobles a place to enjoy a drink. Despite guild affiliation (rumored, of course), it is the diamond in the rough and the busiest inn on any given night. Entertainment is almost always present, be it a musician, storyteller or even, on some occasions, a jester or trickster. Its more esteemed reputation also makes it a choice location for nobles and merchants to have meetings. This, of course, works for the guild’s advantage. 

Night Watch Inn

Founded in 1025“The Night Watch Inn, ye say? A might dandy of an establishment, even if it is a ruse. Oh, they come across as upstanding young folks and I’ve no doubt that a couple of them are, but smart coin in on the hunch that something else goes on behind the scenes. 

Still, the Night Watch aims to be the jewel in the proverbial bowel of the duchy, and many of the townsfolk gather there for a drink…some for a bit more than that. Upstanding or no, the inn is far from a secure place so watch yer back and yer coin purse, but most of all, enjoy yer stay.”

–Darylis, Bard of Lyrnbo

The Tale Begins … 

“Ah yes…I have seen it all. The grassy plains, dense forests, magestic snow-capped mountains, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. The land of Sharnyl. As with any other realm throughout the realms, it has its finer points as well as its more dismal aspects. From the grandest city of Syrillon to the lowly cities of Chyrne and Dagger Falls, Sharnyl has all that you can ask for, and a bit more. 

“What exactly should I tell a traveler such as yourself? I suppose it would be best to start with the basics. The land of Sharnyl is independent of all other lands, though it is connected via portals to several. There is a place for everyone, for the land is rich with opportunity, if ye are just patient enough to find it. 

“I’m sure you have many questions…most of them pertaining to places to visit, things to do, people to meet…Well, I can help you with the places to go, however, the rest is entirely up to you.”

— Darylis, Bard of Lyrnbo