Sharnyl’s Policies

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VII. Member Groups and Financial Contribution

Contributing to Sharnyl

Sharnyl gets a substantial amount of traffic, and thus is a costly enterprise to maintain. Therefore, financial contributions are very much welcomed, and required for member groups. Member groups will pay an amount equal to their bandwidth use, every year. Some group forums get much more traffic than others, and thus may be asked for a larger financial contribution than a less trafficed forum.

Member groups have the responsibility of asking their membership for contributions to make the full payment. The Webmistress will notify all groups when payment is due, but will not rally collections for the individual groups.

The main forums (usually the OOC forum and BO forum) will have a thread notifying the general membership that financial contributions are due and welcome. While you are not required to pay any fee for using these forums, it is very much appreciated if you contribute to keeping these forums free for the general membership. The following items describe how you can contribute:

How can I send money?

Answer: Not available at this time.

VIII. Signatures, Avatars, and Image Use

  • Avatars

An avatar is a picture with a maximum size of 150×150 (pixels) that, when enabled, is displayed underneath your user name, when you post. An avatar can be added in the Control Panel, which can be found by following the link button near the top of the forum page. Currently, you may only add an avatar if it’s file size is equal to or less than 15kb. Note that a registered member must have 50 posts before he/she is allowed to upload an avatar.


Note: At this time, the Sharnyl Forums do NOT allow custom signatures. Avatars are allowed, but due to the fact that members may register a free account at the Gallery where they can upload their characters pics, bios, and more, the Administration Team feels that the use of signatures would be redundant. The policy for custom signatures will remain posted below in the event the Administration Team does decide to allow custom signatures at the forums in the future.

A personal signature is an option that, if enabled, allows you to have text and/or pictures appear below any posts that you make. Signatures can serve to inform others of who you are, what you do, etc. Currently signatures are limited in size to 30kb, or less. Members who signature is larger than 30kb will be warned and have their signature removed by a staff member until such time that the 30kb standard can be met. If a member has been warned before about his/her signature size, and he/she continues to post signatures over the 30kb limit, said member may be put on signature probation, or even be banned.

Be aware that if your signature is too large in size, it can become distracting for other members. Generally signatures are anywhere from a text line to an image no larger than 300 x 550 (pixels), and even this is getting on the large side. It is also customary for a signature to be posted only once per thread for each participant. When replying remember not to post a signature multiple times in the same thread. When you’re writing a post, you can check or un-check the option to show your signature.

Image Use

To post an image or link, you may use either HTML, IBFCode, or WYSIWYG. Please observe the above rules for spamming and advertising when posting images or links.

Using Smilies

There is a feature at Sharnyl , called “smilies.” Smilies are used to convey a poster’s emotion or mood. To use the smileys, click on one of the smilies available on your reply screen and the selected smiley or smilies will be inserted into your post. You may also use the IBFCode provided for each smiley if you find that faster or easier.

IX. The Final Word

The policies and FAQ herein are here for the purpose of providing a friendly and entertaining fan-based community. These policies are based on several years of existence as a fan and roleplaying community, and are ammended as occassion calls for. Please note that these policies and the FAQ are subject to change at any time.

If you have any questions regarding these policies and the FAQ contained herein, please post in the Lounge forum, and we will assist you promptly.

Enjoy your time here, and have fun!